Our Current Wish List

The following is a list of items, and their associated costs, needed for the medical and therapy areas. We ask that you consider making a tax deductible monetary gift to enable us to provide the additional services for abused children of our community. All gifts should be made to:

Western PA CARES for Kids
3262 Rte 322
Brookville, PA 15825

Storage units or cupboards to hold medical supplies $700.00
Exam lamp $95.00
Alternate light source mini short wave $595.00
Paper rolls to cover exam table $110.00
Disposable sheets to cover child $100.00
Swabs and covers $150.00
Medical stool on wheels $255.00
Disposable Exam gloves Box of 200 $15.00
Otoscope $155.00
Colposcope system with video and software $16,500.00
Thermometer (digital) $15.00
Disposable covers for thermometer $20.00
Stethoscope $80.00
Scale with height rod $375.00
Blood Pressure monitor (standard automatic, arm) $37.00
Alcohol antiseptic $25.00
Computer $850.00
Photo printer $525.00
Photo paper $75.00
Tape measure $5.00
Disposable gowns case of 50 $30.00
Disposable wipes per case $23.70
Digital camera $300.00
Paper towel dispenser ( no touch) $35.00
Reflex hammer $5.00
Comfort stuffed animals $175.00

Therapy needs

Child size table and chairs $50.00
4 ft high book shelves (4) $125.00
Anatomically correct dolls $239.00
Easy Chair and Loveseat $350.00
Easel $40.00
Doll House with furniture