Child Advocacy Center – Breaking the cycle of abuse

CARES opened its doors in May of 2008 and has provided services to over 1,250 children and their families. Western PA CARES for Kids is a non-profit Child Advocacy Center.


Executive Director and Board Members

Executive Director and Board Members

Pat Berger, Executive Director
Jeff Burkett, President
Dan Brownlee, Vice President
Debbie Brownlee, Secretary
Judy Greeley, Treasurer
Nancy McCreight
Carol Brownlee
Eric Bishop
Marie Bishop
Nicole Cable

Multidisciplinary Team ( MDT)

It is the philosophy of the Child Advocacy Center, that no one agency or discipline can address the problem of child abuse and that each agency has its own body of knowledge, mandate, procedure and level of substantiation. We promote a team approach to the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases and collaboration in addressing the needs of children and families served by the Child Advocacy Center. The Child Advocacy Center schedules monthly MDT case review meetings in order to facilitate a process in which professionals are able to work together more effectively and efficiently to address incidents of child abuse.

MDT Members

Law Enforcement
County Detective
District Attorney
Child Protective Services
Child Advocacy Center Personnel
Juvenile Probation
Mental Health – Clearfield/Jefferson MHMR
Medical (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner SANE nurse)
Crossroads Project – Domestic Violence Program – Victim Services
PASSAGES – Sexual Assault Program – Victim Services
Victim/Witness Coordinator – Court related Victim Services